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We send you an alert each time your recruit mails you a letter or your letter is delivered.

  • USPS Approved
  • Pre-Addressed & Stamped
  • Include Envelopes
  • Email Alerts
  • Recruits love them!

How it works.


Tracking Labels

Order labels for you and your recruit. All labels include an envelope & stamp. Recruits will use the labels to send you USPS letters. We will tell you when they mail the letter & delivery date.


Mailing Address

Labels are pre-addressed with your address to make it easy for your recruit to send you letters. We ship recruit tracking labels + mailing supplies every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


Real-time Alerts

LetterTrac will alert you whenever a letter is mailed and delivered (by both you and your recruit.) The average delivery of 1st class letters using LetterTrac labels is 3-4 days.*

*average delivery is based on 10,000+ tracked letters. Delivery times can be influenced by weather, military mailroom, or USPS delays.


Email alerts! 👇

Knowing your recruit receives your letter is great. Knowing your recruit sent you a letter is peace-of-mind.


I don't know my recruit's address can I still order tracking labels?

Yes. We will mail your labels to you now so you can send a letter immediately once receiving the recruit's address. You can add your recruit's address to your account which will trigger our system to mail labels to the recruit. (update recruit address)

My recruit hasn't shipped to boot camp. Can I order them now?

Yes. We recommend purchasing labels prior to your recruit shipping to training. This allows them to write you their first letter with a pre-addressed tracking label.

Why do family labels not have an address printed on them?

Family labels are left blank for two reasons. First, in case the recruit's address changes. And second, the family can pre-order prior to knowing the address allowing them to immediately send their first letter after receiving the address.

What is a First Letter?

You can include your first letter with your order of labels. We will print and send your letter to your recruit with their mailing labels in a sealed envelope. The First Letter is limited to one 8.5 x 11 PDF or WORD document. Labels and First Letters are delivered to recruit post offices every M/W/F. Photos can be included in the letter but will be printed in black and white.

Will my recruit get in trouble for receiving the labels?

No. Recruits are allowed to receive envelopes, pre-addressed labels, and stamps.

Is this the same as Informed Delivery® by USPS

No. Informed Delivery only tells you when a piece of mail arrives ‘today.’ LetterTrac alerts you when a letter is mailed by your recruit and arrives at your post office.

Does LetterTrac violate OPSEC?

No. If you use LetterTrac we require that you provide us with a mailing address. This allows us to complete your request to track your letters according to USPS protocol. Recruit mailing addresses are not considered classified information or OPSEC. Recruit training mailing addresses are public knowledge and classified as PERSEC. At LetterTrac, we encrypt and protect your PERSEC information.

Does LetterTrac violate PERSEC?

No. We protect your PERSEC (PII) information. [PII – Personally identifiable information is information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a single person, or to identify an individual in context.] We use Amazon Web Services, HTTPS, and USPS protocol to protect your PII. All data collected is through Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is used for secure communication over a computer network and is widely used on the Internet. In HTTPS, the communication protocol is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS)

How does my recruit get the mailing supplies?

We use 2-day shipping to deliver the labels and stamps to the recruit's mailroom every M/W/F. They will receive an envelope with your return address. We enclose a message telling the recruit the mailing labels (and stamps) were sent by you.

How do I get my labels?

We mail them to you via USPS.

Should I wait to order until I get my recruit's address?

No. We recommend ordering yours at a minimum - this way you can immediately write once receiving the address. Once you know the recruit's address we will send the labels to your recruit for you. Login to your account to add the recruit address.

Does the military endorse LetterTrac?

Military commands and the Department of Defense never endorse 3rd party products & services, including LetterTrac. However, they do encourage families to use products and services that are OPSEC/PERSEC compliant and follow all state/federal laws.

How do the tracking labels work?

LetterTrac is an approved USPS Informed Visibility provider. Our official Mailer ID: 32301904 allows us to create secure bar codes used for tracking in/out-bound mail.

When and how do I receive my alerts?

Email and/or SMS. You will receive an alert whenever a letter is mailed or arrives at your local post office, from your recruit with a LetterTrac mailing label. You will also be alerted when your letter to your recruit is scanned at the military base post office.

Do you send stamps and envelopes to my recruit?

Yes. Each stamp is .60 and envelopes are $4.90 for 14. Supplies shipped with their labels.

How much does a label cost?

Each sheet of 14 labels is $13.75 and never expires. Recruit labels are always 50% off.

Do I need to do anything to receive my alerts?

No. Email alerts are automatically sent each time the USPS scans the bar code. There are two types of emails. When the letter is mailed, the initial scan and the final scan when the letter is delivered to the local post office.

What if my recruit doesn't receive his labels?

We offer a reissue of labels if your recruit doesn't receive their labels after 14 days of shipping. Simply send us an email.

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