Delayed Entry/ROTC

Mail time is the best time in recruit training! Take your labels with you and be ready to mail your first letter home.

  • Recruit's labels are pre-addressed with family address
  • Our technology will alert family and friends each time the recruit mails them a letter, including the delivery date.
  • Family and friends will be alerted when their letter is delivered to their recruit.
  • Avg letter delivery with labels is 3-4 days

If you are in the delayed entry program, you can order your labels before you leave.


I love the fact my family knows when I mail them a letter. I worry they may not know how I am doing — Justin, former recruit 

"When I was a recruit I worried my parents would worry if I had mailed them a letter. That's why I created LetterTrac. Now your family will know exactly when you mail a letter to them" Andrew, CEO/USMC